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Chapter 24: Krishna Defies Indra in Favor of the Brahmins,
the Cows and Govardhana Hill

(12) S'rî S'uka said: 'After having heard Nanda's words and also what the other residents of Vraja had to say,
Lord Kes'ava spoke to His father in a way that made Lord Indra very angry.


Chapter 25: Lord Krishna Lifts Govardhana Hill *

(19) Thus Having said this [to Himself this incarnation of] Vishnu took with one hand
[His left one] Govardhana hill and held it up as easily as a child holding a mushroom.


Chapter 26: Nanda Recapitulates the words of Garga
before the Puzzled Gopas

(2) 'How could the boy, considering His extraordinary activities, deserve a birth
among simple countryfolk, that for Himself is contemptible?


Chapter 27: Lord Indra and Mother Surabhi
Offer Prayers

(22-23) S'rî S'uka said: 'Lord Krishna was after this request by Surabhi bathed with her own milk. On the order of the mothers of the demigods [the daughters of Aditi] He was thereupon by Indra bathed with the heavenly Ganges water carried in Airâvata's trunk. He, the descendent of Das'arha, thus in the company of the enlightened souls and the seers received the name Govinda ['he who finds the cows'].

Chapter 28: Krishna Rescues Nanda Mahârâja
from the Abode of Varuna

(8) Towards me oh Krishna, Govinda, oh You who sees everything, please be of mercy.
his person who is Your father decidedly should be with You who care so much about Your parents.'

Chapter 29: The Rasa Play: Krishna Meets
and Escapes the Gopîs at Night

(3) Krishna saw how the kumuda lotuses opened to the full disc of the moon that glowed as red as the fresh kunkuma on the face of the goddess of fortune. He saw how the forest was reddened by the gentle rays of that light and sweetly played His flute that enchanted the minds of the [gopîs with their] beautiful eyes.

(41) You clearly have taken birth as the Godhead, the remover of the fear and distress of the people of Vraja, as no one else but the Original Personality who protects all the gods and worlds. Therefore oh Friend of the Distressed, kindly place Your lotus like hand on the burning breasts and heads of Your maidservants.'

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