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Chapter 30: The Gopîs Search for Krishna Gone with Râdhâ

(2) The women who in their hearts were overwhelmed by the movements, affectionate smiles, playful glances, charming talks
and other graceful gestures of the husband of Ramâ, absorbed in Him thereupon enacted each of those wonderful activities.

(28) He must have been perfectly honored by her [ârâdhitah, see Râdhâ] as being the Supreme, One Lord
and Controller, for Govinda, thus being pleased, has turned us down and taken her separate.

Chapter 31: The Songs of the Gopîs in Separation

(10) We are happy to meditate on Your affectionate smiles full of divine love, Your glances and Your pastimes, but the intimate conversations, which go straight to our hearts oh deceiver, agitate our minds! (11) When You leave Vraja to herd the animals oh Master, we are pained. We feel uncomfortable within oh Lover, when we think of the husks, grasses and sprouting plants that are sharp to Your feet oh Master, those feet that are more beautiful than a lotus.

Chapter 32: Krishna Returns to the Gopîs

(11-12) The Almighty One took them with Him and arrived at the banks of the Yamunâ. There the auspicious river with the hands of her waves had collected soft sands. The kunda and mandâra flowers fragrantly bloomed with bees [attracted] by the autumnal breeze, while the moon, plentifully shining, with its rays dispelled the darkness of the night.

Chapter 33: The Râsa Dance

(3-4) The festival of the dance commenced with the gopîs positioned in a circle. Krishna, the Controller of the Mystic Union, always keeping Himself situated between two of them, held His arms around the necks of the women next to Him. At that moment the sky was crowded by hundreds of celestial carriers belonging to  the denizens of heaven with their wives whose minds were carried away by curiosity.

(17) The Master of the Goddess of Fortune, thus with His embraces, the touches of His hands, His affectionate glances and His broad playful smiles, enjoyed it to be together with the young women of Vraja, just like a boy does who plays with His own reflection.

Chapter 34: Sudars'ana Delivered and
S'ankhacûda Killed

(12-13) The [erstwhile] serpent said: 'I am Sudars'ana, a certain Vidyâdhara well-known for his opulence and appearance, who used to wander the directions in his celestial carrier. Vainglorious having laughed at the sages born of Angirâ I was for my sin of deriding them forced to assume this ugly form.

(31) Overtaking him like it was nothing the Almighty Lord with His fist
knocked off the crest jewel of the villain together with his head.

Chapter 35: The Gopîs Sing of Krishna as
He Wanders in the Forest

(18-19) At times, when He, with the garland around His neck smelling of the by Him favored tulsî, counts the cows on a string of colored beads and then, throwing His arm over the shoulder of a loving companion, sings, the wives of the black deer, the doe  - just like the gopîs who gave up their civil aspirations -, approach that ocean of transcendental qualities to sit at His side with their hearts stolen by the sound produced by Krishna's flute.

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