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Chapter 36: The Bull Arishthâsura Defeated
and Akrûra Sent by Kamsa

(1) The son of Vyâsa said: 'Some time later the bull demon named Arishtha who had a huge hump, came to
the cowherd village. Ripping
open the soil with his hooves the earth trembled because of his body.

(21) Then he called together Mushthika, Cânûra, S'ala, Tos'ala and others as also his ministers and his elephant keepers. The king of Bhoja said to them: (22-23) 'Mushthika and Cânûra, dear mates, please listen to what I have to say oh heroes. The two sons of Ânakadundubhi are living in the cowherd village of Nanda. It was foretold that Krishna and Balarâma would cause my death. If we manage to get Them here for the sake of a wrestling match you can kill Them.

Chapter 37: Kes'i and Vyoma Killed and
Nârada Eulogizes Krishna's Future

(3) When he being hard to conquer and approach, agressive with a mouth wide open swallowing the sky,
saw Him before him, he rushed furiously forward to attack the Lotus-eyed Lord with his legs.

(29) The great demon threw them one by one in a mountain cave the entrance of which he blocked
with a boulder so that only four or five of them remained.

Chapter 38: Akrûra's Musing and
Reception in Gokula

(28-33) In Vraja he saw Krishna and Râma, who, wearing yellow and blue garments and with eyes that looked like autumnal lotuses, were going to the place where the cows were milked. The two boys who are the shelter of the goddess were, bluish-dark and fair skinned, most beautiful to behold with their mighty arms, attractive faces and a gait like that of a young elephant. With Their feet marked by the flag, bolt, goad and lotus, and with Their smiles and glances full of compassion the two great souls increased the beauty of the cow pasture. They whose pastimes were so magnanimous and attractive, were freshly bathed, impeccably dressed, wore flower garlands and jeweled necklaces and had smeared Their limbs with auspicious, fragrant substances. The two original, most excellent persons, who are the Cause and the Masters of the universe [see also 5.25], had for the welfare of that universe descended in Their distinct forms of Balarâma and Kes'ava. Oh King, with their effulgence they, as a mountain of emerald and a mountain of silver both decorated with gold, dispelled the darkness in all directions.

Chapter 39: Krishna and Balarâma Leave for Mathurâ

(8) S'rî S'uka said: 'On the request of the Supreme Lord the descendant of Madhu [Akrûra, see 9.23: 29] described everything
the inimical attitude [of Kamsa] towards the Yadus and his murderous intentions in relation to Vasudeva.

(19) The fine gopîs said: 'Oh Providence, where is your mercy to bring together the embodied souls in love and friendship? Separating us you leave us unfulfilled in our purposes. How uselessly you just like a child toy with us! (20) Having shown to us the face of Mukunda framed in black locks, His fine cheeks and straight nose and the beauty of His modest smile dispelling the misery, you are not doing any good by [now] making this invisible to us.

While the women were lamenting thus, Akrûra at sunrise, after having performed his morning duties, set out with his chariot. (33) The gopas who led by Nanda followed Him in their wagons, took along an abundance of offerings and clay pots filled with dairy products. (34) Also the gopîs followed their beloved Krishna [for some time] and [then] stood waiting, hoping for some pleasing words from the Lord. (35) The Greatest among the Yadus saw them lamenting at His departure and consoled them lovingly with the message: 'I will do My best!'

Chapter 40: Akrûra's Prayers

(28) In this condition, I now approach Your feet that for any impure person, I think, are impossible to attain without Your mercy. Only by serving the truthful [of Your devotees, nature and culture, sat] a person can develop Your [Krishna] consciousness and put an end to the cycle of rebirth in this material world, oh Lord with the lotus navel.

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