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Chapter 46: Uddhava Spends the Night in Gokula Talking with Nanda

(4) With their minds fixed on Me, they, absorbed in Me, have made Me the purpose of their lives and abandoned all their material ties [with their husband, home and children, see 10.29: 4]. Understanding the ones who for My sake left behind this world and its moral obligations, I sustain those who have only Me as their beloved and dearmost Self.

Chapter 47: The Gopî Reveals Her Emotions:
The Song of the Bee

(14) Oh mister sixlegs, dear bee, why are you singing so busily about the Master of the Yadus in front of us who are old friends of this Friend of Vijaya [Arjuna] who left behind their homes? You better sing of His topics before His [new] girlfriends, the pain of whose breasts He [now has] relieved. His sweethearts will provide you the charity you seek [vijalpa *4].

(44) Will that descendant of Das'ârha return to this place and with His touch bring us back to life who are tormented by the sorrow He gave rise to Himself? Will He do that just as Indra with his clouds would [replenish] a forest?

(59) What is one compared to these women who, impure in their conduct towards Krishna, wander in the forests? What is one's position compared to this stage of perfect love for the Supreme Soul? For the one who is of constant worship, even when he is not very learned, most certainly the Lord directly bestows the highest good, the good that imbibed works like the king of all medicines [that is: irrespective the person].

Chapter 48: Krishna Pleases His Devotees

(5) She prepared her body by bathing, anointing, dressing up with ornaments, garlands and perfume, bethel nut and drinking fragrant fluids and such, and then shyly and with playful smiles approached Mâdhava with tempting glances.

(22) Because it has never been proven that You are determined by physical matters and such, there is with You no question of a literal birth or of material opposites. For that reason there exists for You in fact no bondage or any liberation [compare 10.14: 26]. And if that happens to be so according to Your sweet will [see e.g. 10.11: 7], it is the consequence of our mistaken notion about You [like in 10.23: 10-11].

Chapter 49: Akrûra's Mission in Hastinâpura

(1-2) S'rî S'uka said: 'He [Akrûra] went to Hastinâpura, the city marked by the glory of the kings of the Pûru dynasty [see family-tree], and saw there the son of Ambikâ [Dhritarâshthra, see 9.22: 25] together with Bhîshma, Vidura and Prithâ [Kuntî], as also Bâhlika and his son [Somadatta], Dronâcârya and Kripâcârya, Karna, Duryodhana, the son of Drona [As'vatthâmâ], the Pândavas and other friends.

(28) What person can defy what is ordained by the Lord, who has descended in the
Yadu family
to diminish the burden of the earth [see B.G. 9: 8]?

Chapter 50: Krishna Uses Jarâsandha
and Establishes the City of Dvârakâ

(35-36) Mukunda who had overcome the ocean of enemy forces without losing His army, was showered with flowers by the servants of the three worlds who praised Him. Then He met the citizens of Mathurâ who, with their fever allayed felt great joy, and His glory was sung by bards, heralds and panegyrists.

Chapter 51: The Deliverance of Mucukunda

(27) S'rî Mucukunda said: 'Who are You to join with me in the wilderness in a mountain cave, while You with Your feet, that are like the petals of a lotus, walk the thorny ground? (28) Maybe You are the Supreme Lord, the origin of all empowered beings, or else the god of fire, the sun god, the moon god, the king of heaven or perhaps a ruler from another planet.

(19) The Supreme, Inexhaustible Lord of Control is the Time itself, more powerful than the
most powerful ones, who, playing a game of herdsman and flock, sets the mortal beings in motion.

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