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Chapter 58: Krishna also Weds K‚lindÓ, Mitravind‚, Saty‚, Lakshman‚ and Bhadr‚

(30) Vindya and Anuvindya, two kings from AvantÓ [Ujjain] subservient to Duryodhana, forbade their sister [Mitravind‚] who was attracted to Krishna, [to choose for Him] during her svayamvara [ceremony for selecting a husband]. (31) Mitravind‚, the daughter of R‚j‚dhidevÓ, His father's sister [9.24: 28-31], oh King, was by Krishna with force abducted before the eyes of the kings [compare 10.53].

Chapter 59: Mura and Bhauma Killed and
the Prayers of BhŻmÓ

(6) Hearing the vibration of the Lord's P‚Ůcajanya, which sounded like the thunder at the end of the universe, the five-headed demon Mura rose up who lay asleep in the water [of the moat]. (7) With his trident raised and with an effulgence as terrible as the fire of the sun most difficult to behold, he, as if he with his five mouths would swallow the three worlds, launched his attack the way the son of T‚rkshya [Garuda] would attack a snake.

Thereupon He went to the abode of the king of the gods and gave Aditi her earrings. Next He together with His beloved [Satyabh‚m‚] was worshiped by Indra, the head of the thirty [chief] demigods, and the great king's wife. Urged by His own wife He uprooted the [heavenly tree, the] p‚rij‚ta and placed it on Garuda. He defeated the demigods including Indra [who wanted to prevent that] and brought it to His city. (40) All the way from heaven being followed by bees greedy for its sweet fragrance and juice, the tree beautified the garden of Satyabh‚m‚'s residence after being planted there.

Chapter 60: Lord Krishna Teases Queen RukminÓ

(20) Indifferent about a home and a body We do not really care about wives, children and wealth; free from any endeavoring We remain completely satisfied within Ourselves, just like a light doing nothing more.'

Chapter 61: Lord Balar‚ma Slays RukmÓ at Aniruddha's Wedding

(25) Despite being bound in enmity to the Lord, RukmÓ gave to his granddaughter named Rocan‚, Aniruddha in marriage, he who was the son of his daughter. Knowing that it was against the dharma [not to side with one's enemy], he, constrained by the ropes of affection, preferred to please his sister with that marriage.

Chapter 62: Řsh‚ in Love and Aniruddha Apprehended

(10) His virgin daughter named Řsh‚, in a dream had an amorous encounter with the son of Pradyumna,
a lover she thus had found without ever having seen or heard of him before [see 

(17) Thus having spoken she accurately drew for her the demigod and the heavenly singer, the perfected soul, the venerable soul and the lowlife serpent, the demon, the magician, the supernatural being and the human being. (18-19) Of the humans she drew Vrishnis like S'Żrasena, Vasudeva, Balar‚ma and Krishna, but seeing Pradyumna Řsh‚ became bashful and with Aniruddha being drawn she bent down her head in embarrassment, oh great lord, and said smiling: 'That is Him, that One here!'

Chapter 63: The Fever in Conflict and
B‚na Defeated

(7) Oh King, a most tumultuous, astonishing and hair-raising fight took place of Krishna against S'ankara and Pradyumna against K‚rtikeya. 
 (8) Balar‚ma fought against Kumbh‚nda and KŻpakarna, S‚mba fought against B‚na's son and S‚tyaki fought against B‚na himself.

(32) As he again and againwas hurling weapons, the Supreme Lord with the razor-sharp edge of
His disc
 cut off his arms like they were the branches of a tree.

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