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Chapter 64: On Stealing from a Brahmin:
King Nriga a Chameleon

(5) The lotus-eyed Supreme Lord, the Maintainer of the Universe,
taking a look saw it and picked it
easily up with His left hand.

Chapter 65: Lord Balarâma in Vrindâvana
and the Stream Divided

(27)  The [goddess of the] Yamunâ thus being chided, fell afraid at His feet oh King and spoke trembling the following words to the Yadu descendant [*]:  (28) 'Râma, Balarâma, oh mighty armed one, what do I know about Your prowess oh Master of the Universe who with a single portion of Yourself [S'esha] holds up the earth?

(24-25) He with His flowers, with a single earring, mad with joy, carrying His Vaijayantî garland and with His smiling, lotus like face covered by beads of perspiration like it were snowflakes, then called for the Yamunâ with the purpose to play in the water. But when the river thereupon ignored His drunken words and did not come, she was by Him angrily dragged with the tip of His plow. (26) 'Being called by Me oh sinful one, you did not come. Because you, in disregard of Me, are moving about as you like, I will bring you here with the tip of My plow in a hundred little streams!'

Chapter 66: The False Vâsudeva Paundraka and
His Son Consumed by Their Own Fire

(16) The enemies attacked the Lord with tridents, clubs and bludgeons,
pikes, blades, barbed missiles, lances, swords, axes and arrows.

Chapter 67: Balarâma Slays the Ape Dvivida

(2) S'rî S'uka said: 'There was a certain ape named Dvivida ['the two-faced one'], a friend of Naraka [or Bhaumâsura, see 10.59]. He was the mighty brother of Mainda and an advisor of Sugrîva [the monkey-chief, see also 9.10: 32, *]. (3) In order to avenge his friend [who was killed by Krishna] this ape wreaked havoc by setting fire to the cities, villages, mines and cowherd communities of the kingdom.

Chapter 68: The Marriage of Sâmba and the
Kuru City Dragged Trembling of His Anger

(40) Today I will rid the earth of the Kauravas!', and speaking thus He enraged took His plow and rose up as if He would set fire to the three worlds.

(41) With the tip of His plow He infuriated pulled up the city of Hastinâpura and dragged her along with the intention to throw her into the Ganges.

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