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Chapter 79: Lord Balarāma Slays Balvala
and Visits the Holy Places

(33) There are countless other [pastimes] like this of the mighty, unlimited and unfathomable Balarāma, who through His illusory power appears as a human being.

Chapter 80: An Old Brahmin Friend Visits Krishna

(12-13) The brahmin, who thus repeatedly in various ways was entreated by his wife, then thought: 'The sight of Uttamas'loka is indeed the highest attainment.' He took the decision to visit Him and asked her: 'If there is anything in the house that I can bring as a gift, my good woman, please give it to me!'

(16-17) Together with a couple of local brahmins the scholar passed three gates and guard stations, and walked between the houses of Acyuta's faithful followers, the Andhakas and Vrishnis. One normally could not go there and so he felt as if he had attained the bliss of the Pure Spirit. He next entered one of the opulent sixteen thousand residences of the Lord's queens [*]. (18) Acyuta, who sat on His consort's bed, saw him from a distance, immediately rose and came forward to close him gladly in His arms.

Chapter 81: The Brahmin Honored:
Lord Krishna the Godhead of the Brahmins

(8) With that in mind He Himself from under the garment of the twice-born soul snatched away the rice grains that were tied in a bundle, and said: 'What is this? (9) Have you brought this for Me, My dear friend? That gives Me the greatest pleasure! These rice grains satiate Me and the whole universe [that I am]!

(21-23) Thus lost in thought he arrived at the vicinity of his home. There he found himself placed before high rising palaces rivaling the sun, the fire and the moon. On all sides they were surrounded by wonderful courtyards and gardens swarming with hordes of cooing birds, ponds full of lilies and day and night blooming white lotuses. There were well adorned and ornamented men and women with deer-like eyes. 'What is this, whose place is this, how could this come about?'

Chapter 82: All Kings and the Inhabitants of Vrindāvana
on Pilgrimage Reunite with Krishna

(16) Thereupon they paid their respects to the elders and received obeisances from their younger relatives. Having inquired after their well-being and having discussed the comfort of their journey, they next started to talk with each other about Krishna.

Chapter 83: Draupadī Meets the Queens of Krishna

(25-26) After the kings were defeated in their pride and had given up, the Supreme Lord playfully took up the bow and managed to string it. At the moment the sun was situated in Abhijit [in 'victory', or at noon] He fixed an arrow on it and pierced, with a single look in the water, the fish with His arrow so that it fell down.

Chapter 84: Vasudeva of Sacrifice to the Sages
at Kurukshetra Explaining the Path of Success

(16) The honorable sages said: 'Just see how we, the best knowers of the truth and chief creators of the universe, are bewildered by the power of the material illusion created by the activities of the Supreme Lord, who so amazingly covert in His operations pretends to be the one controlled.

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