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Chapter 74: The Rajasűya: Krishna Number One
and S'is'upâla Killed

(26) Hearing the twice-born souls say this, the king, pleased to know the heart of the assembly,
overwhelmed by love
worshiped Hrishîkes'a in full.

(37) Abandoning the lands [of Mathurâ] graced by the brahmin sages, He with His associates took to a fortress in the sea [10.50: 49] where the brahminical order is not observed [10.57: 30] and where they as thieves cause the people a lot of trouble [e.g. 10.61].'

(38) The Supreme Lord did not say a word to him who, using such and more harsh words, had spoilt all his chances. He kept silent like a lion to a jackal's cry. (39) Hearing that intolerable criticism, the members of the assembly covered their ears and walked away, while angrily cursing the king of Cedi. (40) A person who does not leave the place where the Supreme Lord or His devotee is criticized, loses his pious credit and will fall down. (41) Then the sons of Pându, as also the Matsyas, Kaikayas and Srińjayas, stood up infuriated with raised weapons, prepared to kill S'is'upâla.

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Chapter 75: Concluding the Râjasűya and
Duryodhana Laughed at

(14) Men and women nicely adorned with sandalwood paste, garlands, jewelry and clothes,
smeared and sprinkled each other, playing with various liquids.

Chapter 76: The Battle Between S'âlva and the Vrishnis

(4) The foolish king this way vowed, only once a day ate a handful of dust, while worshiping as his master the Lord who protects the animallike [Pas'upati or S'iva *].

Chapter 77: S'âlva and the Saubha-fortress Finished

(37) After the sinner had fallen and the Saubha fortress was destroyed by the club, kettledrums sounded in the sky, oh King, played by a host of demigods. And then... it was Dantavakra who, in order to avenge his friends, furiously ran forward.'

Chapter 78: Dantavakra Killed and Romaharshana
Beaten with a Blade of Grass

(28) Even though He was on a pilgrimage and thus had stopped with killing the impious, the Supreme Lord, after having said this, did what had become inevitable. The Lord put an end to him by means of the tip of a blade of grass that He held in His hand.

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