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Chapter 13: Description of Future Manus

(7) I briefly described the seven periods of the Manus, let me also tell you about the future Manus
endowed with the powers of Vishnu
[see 8.1 & 8.5].

Chapter 14: The System of Universal Management

(3) The Lord of Sacrifice Yajña and the other incarnations of the Supreme Personality I already discussed oh King,
constitute the lead followed by t
he Manus and others in charge of the universal affairs.

Chapter 15: Bali Mahârâja Conquers the Heavenly Places

(10-11) Surrounded by his men and the other Daitya leaders equal to him in opulence, strength and beauty, they seemed to drink in the sky and burn the directions with their looks. Having gathered the greatest Asura warriors they went to the supremely wealthy capital of Indra, making the earth tremble under their feet.

Chapter 16: Aditi Initiated into the Payo-vrata Ceremony,
the Best of All Sacrifices

(54) Oh pious lady, the brahmins and all people assembled there should as much as possible receive
the prasâda of the food of goodness [B.G.
17: 8] that so meticulously was prepared with milk and ghee.

Chapter 17: The Supreme Lord Agrees to Become Aditi's Son

(4) My best one, the Supreme Lord, the Original Person, then appeared before her, dressed in yellow
and with His four arms, carrying the conch, the cakra, the club [and the lotus flower].

Chapter 18: Lord Vâmanadeva, the Dwarf Incarnation

(14) At His sacred thread ceremony the sun god chanted the Gâyatrî mantra [see note** at 5.7], Brihaspati gave the sacred thread
Kas'yapa offered Him a belt [of straw, signifying the twice-born status].

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