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Chapter 74: The Rajasûya: Krishna Number One
and S'is'upâla Killed

(26) Hearing  the twice-born souls say this, the king, pleased to know the heart of the assembly, overwhelmed by love worshiped Hrishîkes'a in full.

Thus far version three, ......what follows is the second version. 

Chapter 75: Concluding the Râjasûya and
Duryodhana Laughed at

(14) Men and women well adorned with sandalwood paste, garlands, jewelry and clothes,
smearing and sprinkling played with various liquids.

Chapter 76: The Battle Between S'âlva and the Vrishnis

(4) The foolish king who to this had vowed to eat a handful of dust once a day, worshiped as his master the lord
protecting the animallike [pictured as Pas'upati or S'iva with S'alva praying as a boy together with Yama].

Chapter 77: S'âlva and the Saubha-fortress Finished

(37) With the sinner fallen and the Saubha-fortress destroyed by the club, kettledrums sounded in the sky o King,
that were played by groups of demigods, while Dantavakra angry, eager to revenge his friends, rushed forward.

Chapter 78: Dantavakra Killed and Romaharshana
Beaten with a Blade of Grass

(28) Saying this much, the Supreme Lord who [being on a pilgrimage] also had stopped to kill the impious,
hit him,
inevitable as it was, with the tip of a blade of grass which He, as the Master, held in His hand.

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