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Chapter 1: Dharma and Adharma: the Life of Ajâmîla

A cheater

(22) Having resorted to reprehensible activities as robbery, fraud and theft, he maintained
his family in a most sinful way and gave others
a lot of trouble.

Chapter 2: Ajâmila Delivered by the Vishnudûtas:
the motivation for the Holy Name

A good death - William Blake

(36-37) Abandoning this being bound in karmic actions out of ignorance and lust, I as a self-realized, most kind, merciful and peaceful friend of all living entities,
will free my soul from the encasement of being caught in mâyâ in the form of a woman, a woman who played with me, fallen as I was, like with a pet animal.

Chapter 3: Yamarâja Instructs His Messengers

A good death - William Blake

(29) They who run from the truth and fail in their duties unto Lord Vishnu, whose tongues never express the names and qualities of the Supreme Lord,
who do not carry Him in their heart or remember His lotus feet and not even once bowed their heads to Krishna [in a temple e.g., see
B.G. 4: 4-6], bring them all before me.

Chapter 4: The Hamsa-guhya Prayers Offered to the Lord by Prajâpati Daksha

(6) Seeing how all the trees were burned by the blazing fire o son of Kuru, the king of the forest,
the great [moon god] Soma, spoke as follows in order to pacify their anger.

Vishnu on Garuda

(35-39) S'rî S'uka said: 'Thus being praised with the prayers offered, the Supreme Lord, the caretaker of the devotees, appeared there in Aghamarshana o best of the Kurus. With His feet on Garuda's shoulders He with His long and mighty eight arms, held up the disc, the conch shell, the sword, the shield, the arrow, the bow, the rope and the club. His intense blackish blue form was clad in yellow garments, His face and glance were very cheerful and His body was adorned with a flower garland reaching to His feet. Decorated with the shining Kaustubha jewel, the S'rîvatsa mark, a large full circle helmet, glittering shark earrings, a belt, finger rings, bracelets around His wrists and upper arms and with His ankle bells, His appearance captivated the three worlds. The Lord, the brilliance in person of the three worlds, was surrounded by eternal associates like Nârada, Nanda and the leaders of the demigods and was glorified with hymns by the perfected ones and the inhabitants and singers of heaven.

Chapter 5: Nârada Muni Cursed by Prajâpati Daksha

Aryabhat - astronomer, mathematician - the order of time

(19) The so very sharp, revolving wheel of Time governs all the world according to its own rule and measure; of what use is it to endeavor in
desire for results  in this world when one doesn't know about this [this order of time]?

Chapter 6: The Progeny of the Daughters of Daksha

Chandra (Soma) mandala - Nepal. 

(24-26) Again pacifying him Soma in respect of the division of time managed to stop the decay [reducing it to the dark fortnight]. Now please take notice of all the names of the wives of Kas'yapa, the mothers from whom all the living beings of this entire universe were born: Aditi, Diti, Danu, Kâshthhâ, Arishthâ, Surasâ, Ilâ, Muni, Krodhavas'â, Tâmrâ, Surabhi, Saramâ and Timi. From Timi the aquatics appeared and the animals of prey were the children of Saramâ.

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